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in Spain

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Payroll and HR partner.

No local company set-up needed.

Fully compliant with Spanish law.

HR Specialists with 15+ years experience.

New team member!

From Payroll to complete manage teams in Spain.

Tech Hubs

Build your Hub at offices in Spain

Hireplek has an unique position in the market

One-Stop Talent Partner

Recruitment Services

Full Stack Developer


Hiring in Spain

HirePlek is a reliable and experienced partner

HirePlek offers a centralized dashboard to manage and check all your remote workers in Spain.

HirePlek has local employment law experts who are updated continuously with the latest changes in Spanish Law.

Futhermore HirePlek provides local recruiters for when you wish to extend your remote team in Spain.


Companies that trust us

Payroll & H.R

Payroll & HR Solutions for Remote Teams in Spain

Hire candidates in Spain without the need for a local entity. We handle the payroll, simplifying the process and allowing you to manage your team without geographical limitations.


Tailored Recruitment for Your Needs in Spain

We streamline the recruitment process, helping you find the right talent in Spain. Once identified, you can use our Payroll & HR services if your company doesn't have and established local entity, enabling seamless employment solutions.


All-in-One Tech Hub Services in Spain

From talent acquisition to providing office space and hardware, we handle it all. We hire the best talent on your behalf, place them in our office in Spain, and take care of their needs, allowing you to focus on project execution and growth.

Payroll & HR 459€ / month
  • No local entity needed
  • Payroll management
  • Spanish labor law compliance
  • Custom HR Services
  • Data security & IP protection
  • Human Point of contact (HR)
  • Transparent Reporting
  • Scalable HR solutions
  • Pay as you go
Recruitment 16% one-off fee
  • IT Recruitment Experts
  • Rapid Recruitment Cycles
  • Replacement Guarantee
  • Talent Manager Assistance
  • Active & passive sourcing
  • Advanced screening tools
  • Agile selection process
  • Local market expertise
  • Optional Payroll & HR
Tech HUBS Custom
  • IT Recruitment included
  • Payroll and HR included
  • Office space included
  • Hardware provision
  • Comprehensive team care
  • Customizable packages
  • Team integration support
  • Excellent English command
  • Scalable Tech Hubs
Payroll & HR
Tech Hubs

If you have more than 10 employees, contact us and we will make a tailor-made plan for you.


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